Saturday, September 26, 2009

“Art is the imagination expressed through the senses”

The topic that I am going to focus on is something that has been brought up many times before, and has once again become one of Canada’s recent issues. There are so many people that are talented in the arts who will not be able to get the full experience and education they need because of the lack of funding in this field. I disagree with people who say that it is impossible to have a prosperous future in the arts, because if you are passionate and driven you will be able to succeed at anything you set your mind to.

It has been said that “ordinary people do not care about the arts” and there have been cuts made to the funding that has been given to artists… about $45 million to be exact. Today’s entertainment industry is following the trend of giving fame to adolescents that have zero talent, just so people can make fun of them. If people think that art isn’t good enough then they should not reward bad artists for their failure. If there was funding of the arts, I believe that this will stop and people who actually have genuine talent will get their chance to shine.

Just a few weeks ago, there were some more major cuts made to the arts funding in British Columbia. On September 9th, members and supporters of the arts met on the grounds of the Vancouver Art Gallery to protest. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who feels that the arts should be pushed aside, but I am upset that the government had to once again cause this uprising.

I am a student who is heavily involved in the arts. I took dance lessons for seven years, I am highly interested in visual art and photography, I have acted in short plays in front of hundreds of people, and I sing and play two instruments. As you can see, the arts are a very important part of my life and it is something that I am serious about. People with interests and talents in these categories will only be able to apply themselves so far until the government cuts get in the way of their future as artists. Having the ability to excel in any form of the arts is a great accomplishment and privilege for anyone. By taking away money to help support the arts the government is also taking away the opportunity for teenagers to express themselves, and celebrate that art can bring out the best in people. Believe it or not, music, dance, drama, and art can bring people together. When a group of people with a common interest join forces and discover one another’s talents, great things can happen. It is horrible to have the knowledge that the government is preventing all of this.

I believe that providing money to support these teenagers’ gifts is completely worth it, as it comes with many advantages. Many students that have gone to art schools have said that it was the best experience of their lives, and that their grades were not only high in their art courses, but in their regular academics as well. Being involved in extra curricular activities such as the arts helps get teenagers off the street causing trouble and into the studio to develop their talents. The funding of the arts also will help broaden our Canadian popular culture, as there are many talented young artists out there that are ready to represent our country well. There would be so many great opportunities for potential artists to expand their knowledge and get involved in programs that can help them further their talent, if only there was more money put towards the arts.

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